Optimizing the UI design of the Fox Hill GC member booking site for mobile use.


The site is not mobile friendly. Since the online system is provided by PowerPlus Golf software, it is not fully compatible with Fox Hills Golf Club's booking rules. As a result, some unused buttons take up space. Another reason is that the golf club's online booking system is only available for members' tournaments. Most of the bookings have to be made by phone.

I have made minor changes to ensure that tasks are completed with a minimum number of clicks.


1. The CTA button was too small.

2. At Fox hill GC booking timesheet open in three week before. I think the Date Range could be a bit more concise.

3. Not used option function take space.

4. The type of game not shown on the booking page.


Add 2022 Fixtures book to help user to find out the types of games for each day.

The CTA button becomes larger and adds a shadow to show the clickable area.

The date is important to display to reduce booking errors. Therefore, change the position and color to make it stand out.

Hide invalid options

Keep the style consistent by using a similar style BOOKING button and WAIT LIST. This booking site is only available to Fox Hill members and it is not common to see long waiting lists.

Mobile users are used to swiping right to get back to the previous page, so there is no need to add a 'back' button to the page. Instead, change it to 'Prizes' so that users can find their prize directly.

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