Single adults over 30 finds difficult to find a romantic but committed relationship
Single adults are not actively seeking relationships Post-pandemic
Covid 19 impact
  • After ovid-19 most of single adults less interested in finding a committed relationship. [1]
  • Most daters say dating is harder than before COVID-19 pandemic [2]
  • Compare to 2019 in 2020 there was a decrease of 30.6% of marriages in Australia. [3]
Other reason
  • Enjoy single life or having more important priorities
  • Afraid Of Committing - committing to someone means potentially getting hurt, so they’re avoiding commitment all together.
  • Overly Picky - they’re only open to dating someone who is exactly what they envision in a partner.
This tells me that people still want to discover new people and to connect with others.

So it is our job to design comfortable ways for singles to seek new relationships.
Define & Development
A comfortable way to meet new people designed for socially awkward single adults

When marriage is not a priority for most single adults, they are less motivated to find a relationship.

Match up with the physical appearance may not be for everyone who is introverted or takes a bad selfie.

Pain point
  • They are more focused on their own development.
  • They don't have enough motivation to meet new people.
  • They don't want to waste time.
  • They don't know what they really want.
Design Goal
  • A simple way to share the kind of person you are.
  • Find the people with similar seriousity about relationship.
  • Design a ice break game to active chat.
  • Meet in group to find out what stand out to you.
Design Strategy
No more guess work

As one of the pain points was not to waste time, the design direction focused on making each match rewarding in some way. For example, even if user did not make it, user can still know the reason why they weren't selected, which will eventually make them better at finding the relationship.

Decision Sharing
In the first row, I tried to help users show things they did or didn't do. But it doesn't have enough momentum to get people to take the next step.

In the second row, I designed the desicion sharing in the form of a matching swipe. The user can like or dislike the people who have seen the post. But it is not efficient when it comes to matching people.

For the efficiency of the matching decision sharing will be helpful as a subfeature.

Meet people in a group
In the first row, I tried to include an icebreaker in the chat room to create an atmosphere for the users.

The second row is a group activity in which participants get to know each other and then pair up.

The main feature of the app is group match, where participants can meet other players and pair up in the end.

Share who you are - Chat
The aim of the chat room design is to help users strengthen their emotional bond.

In the first line, I tried to encourage the user to continue the chat by revealing the name and profile picture of the opponent. It is supposed to be like a game where you learn more about the person. But there is a risk of disappointment when you find out that the person is not what you imagined.

In the second line, I add the section "Personal status" to reduce the guesswork.

Although gamifying chatting is not a good idea, I like the idea of gamifying the matching process to get better matches.

Use Case 1
A comfortable way to meet people

Blind matches of love and friendship. Blind matching helps users break down their defense mechanisms and allows them to show their true colors. If you haven't already, become an audience and watch blind match live.

Live blind match:
love match or casual match
Get to know the person by their action cards.
Take action, trust your choice and find your match!
Use Case 2
Tell them what you want

Things about yourself, such as what kind of people you like, whether you are actively looking for a relationship or just want to get to meet new friends. In this way, users can save time guessing the person's intentions and spend more time getting to know the person.

Know what he or she wants and engage them effectively.
Write personal statuses that quickly resonate with others.
Use Case 3
Share photo to active the conversation

Every 24 hours, users upload a photo to activate the chat function. This encourages user to share their life with each other, not just words, and increases the chances of this casual encounter developing into a long-term relationship.

Superficial relationships
Deeper relationships
What I learned
I learned how to simplify the app.

The original prototype of the app initially looked like a social meida-sharing platform. This prototype does not give a good motivation to take concrete actions when finding love. It focused on self-presentation to attract the opposite sex, and this product was aimed at people who were not good at presenting themselves as attractive.

I found that by error-correcting, it was easier for me to come up with better answers and ideas to solve the problem.

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