Challenge of the Screen time for pre-school children 3-5
I saw a young mother in a coffee shop who had to leave her mobile phone with her child in order to get some free time.
MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers (2019) [1]
Digital technology is an essential part of children’s lives
Covid 19 impact

Remote Learning During the Global School Lockdown allowed parents and teachers to embrace screen based screen-based learning. However, the impact of technology on education remains a challenge. Therefore, effective use of digital technology is key to supporting children's continued learning in the face of unexpected events.

Design Goal
Help children identify and express their emotion

The purpose of children playing video games is often for relaxation and stress relief. This indicates that some of the negative emotions children have are not being processed. When children learn about their emotions through educational games, they are able to express their feelings in words and process their emotions. It is hoped that emotional stress relief will lead to less reliance on games and less screen time.

Design Strategy
Children become readers and parents become listeners
Use Case 1
Story Read Loud
A fun way to read aloud
Use score and stars as timely feedback to gamify the story reading.
Use Case 2
Read with friends
Reading stories with global friends
Read aloud with other players to meet the child's social interaction needs.
What I learned
I learned how to find design constraints.

The design evolved from simple to complex and then simple. I tried to create an app to learn the emotional expressions in the product, along with a speaking game, but I realised that there were too many choices in one game. Pre-school children may not be able to understand them on their own. So, once again, I narrowed down the design to a game that could be played by children alone, without the help of caregivers. Therefore, I improved the visual aspect of the app to make it more interesting for children and simplified the functions of the app to focus on speaking games.

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Other Works

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